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Huamao Machinery: Focused Innovation, Cost Efficiency, Market Expansion

Huamao Machinery: Focused Innovation, Cost Efficiency, Market Expansion

January 11, 2024

Enter the specialized and special new enterprise

In 2011, Quanzhou Huamao Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. was established. In the 12 years since its establishment, the company has always focused on the core components of the high-end equipment manufacturing industry. "Four wheels and one belt" such as rollers, guide wheels, driving wheels, supporting sprockets, and chain/track assemblies are its main products. Up to now, the product market share ranks among the top in the province. In 2021, Huamao Machinery will enter the ranks of national-level specialized and new "little giants".


"Specialized and special new enterprises usually have specialized technical products in specific fields, with unique market positioning and competitive advantages." In the view of Su Shaoxiong, deputy general manager of the enterprise, Huamao Machinery's "unique skill" lies in continuously advancing technology In addition to innovation and product innovation, it also has the ability to independently develop equipment. "It is both an equipment user and an equipment developer, so that the equipment can better adapt to the company's own needs, thus reducing company costs, improving production efficiency, improving product quality and stability."


Self-developed production equipment

Machine replacement process optimization

In recent years, Huamao Machinery has maintained a steady development trend. Introducing lean management, optimizing production processes, and promoting technological innovation are one of the driving forces for the stable development of enterprises.


"Under the pressure of economic downturn, rising labor costs, and raw material market fluctuations, corporate development is facing challenges." Su Shaoxiong said frankly that in order to cope with market challenges, the company launched lean production very early, eliminated waste by using limited resources, and continued to invest in automation Equipment, implementation of technical transformation and other means to continuously promote process optimization, improve production efficiency, and improve product accuracy and stability.


It is understood that from last year to October this year, Huamao Machinery has introduced 10 sets of automation equipment. The links that originally required manual loading and unloading have been gradually replaced by robotic arms, further realizing the automation of machining. However, it is clear that Huamao Machinery does not want to stop at simply purchasing general-purpose equipment. In view of the pain points and blockages in the company's production process, the company independently develops personalized equipment that is closest to its own needs, thus forming a core competitiveness that is different from other companies.


"In the past, many production links required different equipment to complete. The separation between production links and the need for materials to flow between equipment will affect production efficiency, as well as product quality and precision." Su Shaoxiong told reporters that they have established 10 people While maintaining an equipment R&D team, it also cooperates with Fuzhou University and other scientific research institutes to carry out industry-university-research cooperation to independently complete design, components, assembly, debugging, test runs, etc. "As of now, there are more than 20 self-developed equipment, covering drilling. There are three major categories: integrated boring and boring, integrated drilling and milling, and heat treatment. These equipment reduce the flow of materials and improve production efficiency and product quality by integrating the originally separated production links."


The optimization of processes also comes from the rearrangement of space. "Originally, equipment for drilling, milling, boring and other production links were scattered in different areas, and the logistics between links caused a waste of time and personnel." Su Shaoxiong said that in order to eliminate time waste, they assembled different equipment into "lines" according to the production process. , to complete the optimization of the production process flow. "In the past, one employee could only be responsible for two pieces of equipment, but now one employee can be responsible for six pieces of equipment."


Coordinated development

Become a leading enterprise supplier

Iterative innovation of products is a powerful "weapon" for enterprises to explore new markets. It is understood that over the years, Huamao Machinery’s annual R&D investment has accounted for approximately 4% of revenue. R&D expenses last year amounted to more than 16 million yuan. As of now, the company has 44 valid patents.


"We have been committed to transformation and upgrading, and continue to carry out technological innovation from the process level." Su Shaoxiong told reporters that innovation is the "confidence" for enterprises to expand into new markets. "We adhere to the domestic and international dual-circulation route. 30% of our products are sold domestically and 70% are sold overseas." It is reported that since its establishment, Huamao Machinery has been deeply engaged in its main business and practiced its "internal strength". In expanding the aftermarket of domestic and foreign accessories, On this basis, in 2015, Huamao Machinery began to promote cooperation with leading companies in supporting facilities.


"Becoming a supplier of leading enterprises and developing collaboratively with leading enterprises is a booster for the accelerated growth of small and medium-sized enterprises." Su Shaoxiong said frankly that these leading enterprises have strict standard systems. Before becoming its supplier, they will inspect and evaluate the company, then select an intended company and provide guidance and help the company build a system and establish corporate standards. Only when companies meet their requirements can they finally be added to their supplier list. "Every time customers visit, they often ask questions. We also learn and grow while improving and meeting customer needs one by one."


It is understood that Huamao Machinery's products have been exported to Europe, Japan, South Korea, etc., and the company is also actively exploring new markets such as the United States. At present, the company has become a parts supplier for more than ten leading OEMs such as Hitachi, Doosan, Sany Heavy Industry, and XCMG.


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