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Las Vegas Construction Machinery Expo: Leading Chinese Companies Showcase

Las Vegas Construction Machinery Expo: Leading Chinese Companies Showcase

January 11, 2024

Xinhua News Agency, Las Vegas, USA, March 14 (Reporters Huang Heng and Tan Jingjing) The 36th Las Vegas Construction Machinery Exhibition opened on the 14th. China's leading construction machinery companies sent a strong team to participate in the exhibition.


The Las Vegas Construction Machinery Show is one of the three major construction machinery exhibitions in the world, held every three years. This exhibition attracted more than 1,800 construction machinery and supporting companies from around the world to participate in the exhibition. It is not only large in scale, but also reflects the trend of the entire industry's transformation towards electrification and intelligence.


More than 150 Chinese companies including XCMG, Zoomlion, Sany Heavy Industry, Liugong, and Sunward Intelligent participated in this exhibition.


At the exhibition, innovative concepts such as digital operation, intelligent on-site operation control, and remote control operation based on high-speed Internet of Things, drone assistance, full-angle scanning sensing and other technologies have been implemented into complete sets of equipment and products. At the same time, green energy and environmental protection concepts are deeply embedded in product design concepts.


Including Chinese equipment manufacturing companies, major manufacturers around the world have launched intelligent solutions that help improve the efficiency of engineering operations. They will display or deliver new all-electric equipment to customers during the exhibition, such as all-electric trucks, excavators, etc. Machines, bulldozers, loaders and mining equipment, etc.


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