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Physical examination escort·Healthy companionship

Physical examination escort·Healthy companionship

April 28, 2024

In order to truly care about the physical and mental health of employees and do a good job in protecting their health, the company organized all employees to undergo physical examinations in batches at the end of April, and carried out "one-on-one meetings with medical examiners" to help employees fully understand their own health conditions and provide Employees hold up the "health umbrella"

The company attaches great importance to employee physical examinations. The Enterprise Management Department carefully organized the early stage and scientifically set up a physical examination package. The physical examination items include blood routine, liver function, electrocardiogram, CT, internal medicine and surgery, urine routine, blood pressure, blood sugar and other items, all-round Protect the health of employees.


1.During the physical examination

This physical examination adopts the method of entering the factory to maximize the convenience of employees. Each batch of physical examination employees queued up at staggered times to receive physical examination forms, and conducted item-by-item inspections under the guidance of medical staff and staff from the Enterprise Management Department. The entire physical examination process was orderly, standardized and reasonable. With the active cooperation of all employees, the physical examination activity week ended successfully.


2.considerate breakfasts

The company's corporate management department also thoughtfully prepared a loving breakfast for every employee participating in the inspection. The company warmly reminds all employees participating in the inspection: if any abnormalities are found, maintain a good attitude and seek medical treatment in time for review. At the same time, it also encourages all employees to strengthen exercise, reduce bad living habits, and live a healthy life every day!

3.Dynamic attention to healthy life

The physical examination activity fully reflects the company's humane care for employees and truly implements measures to care for employees. The company hopes that through this physical examination activity, it can awaken the health awareness of all employees, and hopes that employees can maintain a healthy body, strong energy, and In a happy mood, they devoted themselves to their respective jobs.

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