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Zongheng debate·whose "language" competes, KMF debate competition

Zongheng debate·whose "language" competes, KMF debate competition

May 15, 2024

"A debater will understand the difference between right and wrong, judge the order of chaos, understand the similarities and differences, and ascertain the truth."

In order to cultivate team spirit, enhance feelings among colleagues in various departments, strengthen employees' awareness and enthusiasm for work, resolve internal focus issues within the company, lead positive energy thinking, and establish correct values, the company recently held the first Huamao Machinery Internal debate competition, the topics of this debate are "Is 6S activities beneficial to work" and "Is performance appraisal beneficial to work". The competition attracted many employees to sign up to participate. After preliminary screening, two teams of pros and cons were selected. Fourteen debaters officially participated.

Pros and Cons of 6S

The first round schedule is divided into five parts: opening argument, rebuttal, cross-examination, free debate and closing argument. Both the pros and cons elaborated on their arguments and arguments around the pros and cons of 6S.

Zhengfang believes that: 1) 6S is conducive to the improvement of corporate image---neatness and orderliness give customers a good first impression, attract customers, make customers confident, and promote the improvement of employee quality; 2) 6S is conducive to efficiency improvement---items Arranged in an orderly manner, it is conducive to finding items and saving time and energy; 3) 6S can reduce waste, reduce costs and the occurrence of safety accidents; 4) 6S is conducive to quality improvement - standardize operating procedures and standards, pay attention to details, and ensure Quality; 5) 6S is conducive to teamwork---through the participation of all employees, the communication and coordination ability of employees' quality inspection is enhanced.

Opponents believe that: 1) 6S overemphasizes the neatness and order of the working environment, which will lead to formalism and affect the actual work results of employees; 2) 6S requires employees to spend extra time and energy on sorting, rectifying, cleaning, etc., which increases 3) 6S management does not directly bring economic benefits. Implementing 6S management requires a lot of time and energy. Employees may need to spend a lot of time sorting out and maintaining the work environment, causing some waste and increasing costs. It will reduce the work efficiency of employees; 6S management focuses on many details such as the placement of items, the organization of documents, etc., which will make employees feel too trivial and prevent them from focusing on more important work.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Performance Appraisal

After the first debate, Team 1 and Team 2 entered the second debate based on the scores in the first round. The two sides drew lots to decide the pros and cons, and launched a fierce debate on the issue of "whether performance appraisal is conducive to work."

Zhengfang believes that performance is a tool that leads the way towards goals, is conducive to goal realization, is conducive to the integration of personal goals and organizational goals, enhances employees' sense of accomplishment and honor, jointly promotes the development and progress of the organization, and is more conducive to the realization of organizational goals. . The opposite side believes that performance appraisal is not conducive to work. Performance as a tool is like an axe. When we want to use this ax to chop down a big tree, what we need to consider is whether we have enough ability to use this tool. , using it when we have not grown up to the point of sufficient ability will not only fail to achieve the company's goals, but will harm the company and employees.

Award summary

The whole game was full of climaxes and splendid, integrating thinking, logic and foresight. The pros and cons were back and forth, the offense and defense were orderly, quotations were made, and witty remarks were made. In the end, under the fair and impartial scoring of the judging panel, the best team of this debate was selected: Shi Hanbin, Hao Zhongliang, Li Hailong, Hu Zhijie, and the best debaters of this debate were selected: Shi Hanbin, Hao Zhongliang, Zhang Jintai.

This competition was dense, hot and powerful. The debaters responded quickly and thought quickly, showing the eloquence and quick thinking of the company's employees. The company hopes that employees can take this opportunity to continuously strengthen their knowledge reserves and strive to improve their ability to view problems dialectically, respond randomly, and express themselves in language. The company also uses this debate topic to let employees better understand some of the company's management methods. , effectively resolve the company's internal focus issues.


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