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Happy yourself, become a world of your own, be yourself, be brilliant and free

Happy yourself, become a world of your own, be yourself, be brilliant and free

March 08, 2024

Loving yourself is the beginning of a lifelong romance. At every age, you are the right one. A daughter, a wife, a mother, and more importantly, yourself. On Women’s Day, pay tribute to every special “her”!

Spring is in full bloom, and International Women’s Day is here as scheduled. KMF Company extends its most sincere holiday blessings to all the female employees who work hard and silently devote themselves to various positions, and wishes every "her": no confusion at twenty, no fear at thirty, no fear at forty, and no sigh at fifty. , I am only sixty, I have enjoyed the sweetness of life, and I am not afraid of the hardships of the years. I am not trapped by the outside world, not confused by my age, walk firmly, and roam freely!

The flower language of carnations is sincere, respectful and warm blessings, chocolate represents love and the sweetness of life, bird's nest and white fungus are refreshing and nourishing. The company leaders, on behalf of the company, personally give each female employee a holiday gift carefully prepared by the company. May the small gift be with The half-day holiday brings a day of fragrant mood to every "her"!

Queens of KMF Company, no matter which role you play, whether as a mother, wife, daughter in life, as a leader or employee at work, I hope you will not be afraid of time, brave the wind and waves, and move forward firmly!




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