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Spring And Jingming, Have Fun Together, Happy Birthday

Spring And Jingming, Have Fun Together, Happy Birthday

March 29, 2024

In the spring of March, spring is warm and flowers are blooming. Facing the vibrant spring weather, the employee birthday parties of KMF Company in February and March came as scheduled. On this special day, nearly a hundred people gathered together to celebrate birthdays, share joy, and feel the warmth and strength of the team.


The friends from the Enterprise Management Department carefully arranged the event site, decorated it with lights, and filled the table with a variety of snacks and drinks. Everything was ready and waiting for the birthday stars to appear.

1. Warm-up games

A birthday party is indispensable with cheerful games, including small quizzes on rules and regulations, production safety, etc., guessing numbers and other small games. Everyone helps each other and cooperates with each other. There are surprises, jokes, interactions, friendships, and carefully prepared "small prizes". The scene is full of laughter and atmosphere!

2. Talent display

Of course, the birthday girls who are hiding in the dark are indispensable to show off their "art" style. You just finish singing and I will appear on the stage. Warmth is the accompaniment, and joy is the main theme. The stress of work and life is also released, leaving behind pieces of laughter!

3. Birthday celebration session

In the familiar music, the birthday party came to a climax: a joyful birthday song, a warm blessing, a sweet cake, a thoughtful birthday gift box... these all represent The most sincere feelings!

By holding a collective birthday party, Huamao family members can feel the warmth of the company, enhance friendship among colleagues, and improve employees' sense of belonging and cohesion. At the same time, it also injects new vitality into the company's cultural construction. Deep affection is not as good as long-term companionship, and deep love needs no words. In the future, we will continue to walk together and jointly build a team full of affection and love, full of centripetal force and cohesion. Finally, I wish all the birthday stars of Huamao a happy birthday! Embracing sincerity and enthusiasm, high-five the new year with happiness, and shine brightly on the Huamao stage!



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